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Two Italian volunteers, Giulia and Federica heard about soup kitchen The Happiness through it's projectcoordinator Clarita.

They asked if they could work at the soup kitchen for a month, during they're stay in Huaraz. Below they share their experiences of their volunteertime with you.

The impact of the comedor on a European person is something like being hit by a shokwave. It catches you short breath and leaves you woozy for few days.

Kids everywhere, who wash their hands, who take first and second courses, who wash the plates, and also kids who jump on you and kiss you saying "hola professora!".

A never ending shouting.

The younger kids that, after having washed their hands, ask for their lunch, sometimes without patience, and then some of them start eating it voraciously (with the nose into their plates) while others pluck it but it isn't important because they know they have to finish all their food even if it takes two hours.

The cooks prepare dishes with huge pots and, fastest we've ever seen, they get ready so many plates all at once and in the meanwhile they clean all the dirty plates that are brought back in the kitchen because they aren't enough.

That was shocking at the beginning of our journey but as we take on the rhythm, we start seen everything more clear and we start appreciating the atmosphere and the work done and moreover these kids.

As we are about to leave soon, we are gone miss Clarita, her friendship, kindness and support in this experience.

Although we are gone miss surely more the love and the connection these kids make you feel, these kids who treat you as one of them from the first day playing UNO and give you the world when you address them only a smile without a word in Spanish.:

Thank you for having welcome us into your world.

Giulia and Federica

Thank you for volunteering with us!