By training up the kitchen staff, activities leaders and project coordinators, we have empowered a team of about 20 Peruvian ladies, who are now doing their own bookkeeping, project management and fundraising.

Many kids in South America don't get a daily meal, a roof over theid head, an education and a chance to play with other kids instead of having to work one the land or beg on the streets.
By giving anbandoned children from the Andes mountains and the slums of Lima a roof over their head, our charity organisation has given some 30-40 kids a healthy, relatively care-free youth and a chance of a better future.

 We not only provide food, but also a range of other services to make sure the children in our projects are as healthy as possible for their circumstances.

In our soup kitchens in Huaraz we daily feed up to 200 children who come from very poor backgrounds and need this service to survive.

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